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available from cattok.co.uk or as ebook on Amazon

‘Sebastian and The Cat Tok Cat’ is the second in the series. The Bonkers Cat goes on Cat Tok and becomes a celebrity influencer. His selfie stunts get more and more dangerous and the Kittens are copying. The Cats in the ‘hood want to talk but they’re stopped at the flap by a huge street cat with half-chewed ears..

‘Sebastian and the Ghost Cat’ – it’s Hallowe’en and the Kittens are spooked by a Ghost Cat. Freckle, the biggest yowler in the ‘hood, has gone missing. Could the Ghost Cat be Freckle?

Sebastian and The Pirate – children’s picture book with illustrations by Andie Scott for 5 – 8 year olds and all cat lovers!

The Pirate strikes terror into the hearts of all Cats. They stand by while he chows down, not daring to look him in his one terrible eye. Not one Cat in the neighbourhood will step up… Then one day Sebastian, a black and white Cat who looks like the Pirate but is a gentle giant, makes a stand over a bowl of tuna..

First edition available from Di on demand. The second edition (shown above) – smaller size (A6) – available on cattok.co.uk